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Monday, November 3, 2008

PVP Standard

Here's Tooney's PVP Standard run. She missed the dogwalk contact and then almost took the number 9 jump instead of the number 8 jump but since it wasn't a tunnel she called off of it and I was able to fix it. Enzo leapt his aframe contact again and because of that I couldn't push him to the 14 jump and he ran past it and then backjumped it. I also think it probably would have been faster to wrap to the right instead of the left on jump 18.

1 comment:

AussomeDogs said...

Wow! Thanks for posting the courses with the videos! That was really cool. I analyzed the course map and imagined how I would handle the course and then watched how you did it and what worked. Very cool. I LOVE technology. Enzo is smoking fast, Tooney too, but I can't wait to see how Enzo progresses once he gets his contacts back. Great job. You look very smooth and confident.