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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trial this weekend

First of all this was Tooney's return to agility! hooray! I just did one JWW run with her. She seemed really happy to be running again. One bar down that was mainly just because I fell behind at the straight tunnel. Her run went much better than Enzo's did! Here's Tooney's video:

Enzo had a great run in Standard yesterday and won the class. Had a few wide turns but he nailed his running dogwalk! The front cross really seems to bring him down deep into the contact even if he does go a bit behind me. I've kind of figured out that I really just need to run hard so that he extends down into the zone.
Here's the video that shows his dogwalk contact and then the other is a better view of the run.

Today Enzo had a nice JWW run but one bar came down. It was a really fast course so he was really skimming those bars.

Standard was quite an exciting run. Great dogwalk contact again. Kind of crazy aframe. He cut me off down that line at the end when I got behind. we need to work on that. Two different views again of this one.

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