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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Agility Videos from last weekend

Here's videos of our runs from last weekend. Enzo got a Double Q on Friday. He almost ran past a jump at the end in JWW but I saved it at the last moment. The tunnel was calling his name. lol.

He had a nice run in standard. I was worried about the turn to the tunnel under the dogwalk but we got it! The rest of the course was pretty straighforward.

Then Sunday's JWW, I decided to try for a front cross that I knew was borderline for whether or not I could get there. It was close but I was late which caused him to knock the triple.

Another nice standard Sunday afternoon. He was a little short on his DW contact but didn't get called. It wasn't a very nice approach up the dogwalk but I didn't want to hang back to manage it because that would put me too far behind.


Furrari said...

the last video is the same as the 3rd. u need to replace with the standard run.

AgileAussies said...

Fixed now.

Furrari said...

it looks like in the last vid he jumped off doggy walk a bit early?

AgileAussies said...

Yeah I was told that he jumped early but I couldn't tell when I was running.