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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boxless Dogwalk Sucess!

I decided to try starting out with no box today. The dogwalk worked great! He nailed the first one, and then missed the second one which I accidentally clicked...oops. Then he got the rest. The dogwalk second from the end, he did get a foot down right at the end. I didn't see it real time but saw the dogwalk bounce in the video. I had to watch the video like 5 times to see it for sure so I wouldn't really expect a judge to see that. The last two I did some gentle turns at the end by moving his jump standard over a few feet. That's probably why they weren't quite as good.

The boxless aframe didn't work quite as well. The first one he one strided and missed. The second one was two strides but a little high so I put the box back and he did better. I even did one at the end with me moving away laterally.

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Catalina said...

I'm so jealous of your nice GREEN grass!