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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skyhoundz Local- Huntington Beach

Went to our first frisbee competition of the season here on Saturday. I threw for Tooney and Enzo in Intermediate and Jeff competed with both of them in Open.

Jeff and Tooney had an really awesome round with only three 3 drops. She got scored a lot lower than we thought she would, only 28. That routine was about as good as she can do! Here's the video:

Enzo and Jeff weren't quite clicking in their rountine and ended up with 7 drops but the new routine seems to flow pretty nicely compared to before. Enzo was tipping a lot of them off his teeth.

Jeff threw left handed for them in Toss and Fetch since he's still having numbness problems in his right arm. He did well with Tooney with 9.5 but got zero with Enzo. There was one bad throw into the tents but the other 3 Enzo should have been able to catch but maybe he's just not quite used to the lefty throws.

Oh and I ended up with 2nd place with Enzo in Intermediate T&F! I had 10 points the first round and 11.5 the second round. I had 7 points in each round with Tooney.

Sunday I went to an AKC trial and got ripped off! lol. I thought I had a double Q with Enzo but when I went to look at the results, it turns out that he had a fault in Standard. I asked a bunch of people who watch my runs and the first couple said they though I was clean too but then I found someone who saw that the judge called Enzo's teeter. Grr. Not something that we normally have problems with. I front crossed the end of it and Enzo left before I released him but I thought he was still on when it hit the ground. Anyways, he placed 4th in jumpers with a nice run. He was about 2 seconds behind the first place dog who was the 2007 22" Grand Prix champ so not too bad.


Jeff said...

first, the song is great. whoever thought of that is genius. i think it fits her hyper running style. also, the last throw clearly shows how exquisite jeff's throwing mechanics are.

Jeff said...

I also noticed that good looking guy thew a few bad discs to Enzo.

m said... still throw better than me!
It's must have been agility jipping day on Sunday!