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Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff's Tooth

Jeff got his cracked tooth repaired today. We figured out that he probably got his tooth cracked when he was practicing overs with Tooney quite a few months back. She jumped and collided with his face and the side the cracked tooth is on is the side that she hit. Now we think that was probably when she cracked her tooth that was pulled in December. So basically after that incident Jeff had decided not to do overs with her anymore.


AussomeDogs said...

LOL! Ya think? That's hilarious. Well, not hilarious that he cracked a tooth and had to have it fixed, just hilarious about how you all came to that conclusion.

m said...

Hee head feels for him!! Took two weeks for the lump and swelling to go down. A day or so for the concussion to go. Stomper and Tooney and Jamba must have been having conversations lately!