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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Freestyle Jam Camp

Last weekend Jeff went to Freestyle Jam Camp with some of the top human disc freestylers. He really enjoyed it and got some new ideas that he is going to include in his routine. For Saturday, they told the dog people to bring their dogs and they critiqued the routines. It was a three day camp but I only went on the day that Enzo got to go. I figured the rest would be too boring for me. Jeff got a lot of positive feedback for his routine and some good suggestions too. All of the instructers really liked the variation in Jeff's routine. They were really impressed with all of the dogs and how athletic they are!

Oh and Jeff and Enzo's new routine is looking really awesome!


AussomeDogs said...

Ooh when do we get some video of the new routine?!

Jeff said...

hm... maybe soon. i haven't even seen myself on video with the new routine yet. I need to finish incorporating the jam camp stuff into it, but that shouldn't be very long.