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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enzo is qualified for AKC Nationals!

Enzo got his 6th Double Q for AKC Nationals last Friday! I got some videos from the weekend too. The JWW course was kind of tricky and he jumped big on my double front cross but that was not exactly unexpected. I felt like that was the safer handling strategy though. He Q'd so it worked out.

I decided that the best way to ensure that I got the correct end of the tunnel after the dogwalk was to do a front cross. I had to leave the weaves and then run like crazy! I got there but just barely. Poor Enzo did a face plant but he didn't seem to care. Got first place on this run :)

Then Saturday we did frisbee which Jeff already talked about and Sunday Enzo and I went back to agility. Enzo got first place in JWW on another twisty sort of course. He kind of launched over jump 3 but the rest was pretty tight.

Sunday's standard was a nice flowy course. Enzo had a really good run except for the part where he thought he should do a running table! That's the second time he's done that in the past two weeks so we worked it some in class on Monday.

Slayte is doing really well. He's a really fun pup and follows me around everywhere. He was 26 lbs and around 17.5" at last measurement. All of his baby teeth are out and he is tugging like a maniac now. Hopefully we can use that to improve his speed on retrieves. Pulls like a sled dog on leash so had to use the Easy Walk Harness on him. He did go through a little fear period but seems to be coming out of it now. He was acting a little shy with people for a week or two but now he seems to be all over people again. He still wants to bark at dogs that he sees at a distance but he is ok when they are close. Definitely much better than Enzo at this age. Not even a comparison really. He's also incredibly smart and figures out things that we really don't want him to (like stepping on the garbage can pedal to open it!).

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jrvl said...

Awesome! Congrats. I loveee Enzo. ;)