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Monday, June 13, 2011

Slayte catches first disc!

The little guy, AKA LG, has caught his first disc at 4.5 months old. Very proud of him. I have not given him very many discs in the air - almost all rollers. As a matter of fact, I think I only gave him discs in flight 1 other session. I was able to tell at that time he was still too young. I told Jenn this past week that he is going to catch discs soon. In our previous session, I didn't even think of throwing one for him. Just slipped my mind. Today I went out and towards the end of the session decided to throw one. He missed the 1st one but jumped for it. I threw another - jumped for it and missed. I got him all wound up and made a perfect throw and he caught it! It was very cute. He was tired and as soon as he caught it, he ran to the shade and sat there with his trophy.

Very good! He won't be seeing a lot of discs in the air right now, but it's good to see he caught one so early. I will probably give him 2-3 throws at the end or middle of a session just to keep him familiar with the flying disc, but for the most part, everything will be on the ground as I want to focus on fundamentals and basic skills.

He is already an expert at 'around' and 'circle' (the opposite of 'around'). He learned how to go around after just 1 session. He's a scary-smart dog. If he channels that intelligence and is able to focus it... LOOK OUT!


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That's great!! :) Glad to hear he's doing so well already!