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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little Slayte update and videos from AWI Qualifier

Slayte is growing some legs!   He's a little high in the rear right now.  Still crazy and quite a handful.  He's definitely not as biddable as Tooney and Enzo as puppies but has way more drive than they did at this age.  Some things he picks up amazingly fast and other things he's just not that interested in doing.  He's doing well in puppy agility with the foundation stuff.  Still not super food motivated so I have to try lots of different kinds of treats.  He tugs really well though so that's good.   He's also finally starting to retrieve a little.  Funny that when we tested the puppies he was the only one to retrieve to hand but then when we got him home he just wanted to run off with the toys.   He loves doing restrained recall to a toy.  Well the recall part anyways.  He's not so big on the restraint part.  barks and bites at us.  lemme go lemme go.  lol.  He likes chasing rollers now but we really need to work the retrieve more.   So far he's really friendly with people and seems to like most dogs.

Here's the videos from the AWI qualifier that Enzo won! Finally! Tooney did pretty good too. oh and Jeff too!

Enzo's Round 1 Freestyle

Tooney's Freestyle

Enzo's Round 2 Freestyle

Tooney's Toss and Fetch


Furrari said...

me like. thanks! u da best.

Sarah Duke said...

yay Slayte update!!! :) Jeff, you and the dogs look great!