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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing Slayte!

Love this pup! He's bonkers but lots of fun and super sweet. Lots of toy drive and tons of energy! Hard to keep up with him. Only bad thing is he screams at night in his crate so not getting much sleep.


Sarah Duke said...

aww!! yeah screaming in the crate is a fun part. I have been known to elevate the crate next to the bed on a chair or something so that they feel like they are right next to me. So excited to watch him grow!

AgileAussies said...

ha! yeah his crate is at bed level and I stuck my fingers in there for him. But he would bite down on them and still scream. Worked for the other puppies but he wasn't buying it. Last night was better. I did some shaping going into the crate and hanging out in there. I also made sure to wake him up from his nap 1 hour before bedtime.