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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Enzo's X-mas present to me!

A real running aframe!

He pretty much has this down! I think I pretty much just have to work on handling it and independence now. I don't feel like he is relying on my body position very much so hopefully that will come easily too. I had no idea it would come this easily this time or I would have tried it a lot sooner. I was afraid to try before the Invitational.

I'm leaning towards not trying to work up to the 5'11" aframe for USDAA and just entering him in Perf. from now on. I think this aframe is too good for me to mess with and I don't think he will ever be a consistent 22" jumper anyways. 20" he does pretty good at but 22" is a stretch.

I'm also playing around with the box on the dogwalk but not sure about how that is going to work yet. He understands getting in it when it's on, but without it on, I'm not sure it will be consistent because his striding is not consistent yet. I tried to record that too but apparently didn't hit record!

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