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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enzo is 2009 D2iSC Champion!

Enzo has just been named the 2009 D2iSC (Disc Dogs in Southern California) Champion! It's an annual award given to the disc dog team that earns the most points based on your finishes in your best 3 out of the 4 major competitions hosted here in southern California. Enzo and I beat out over 80 other teams to get this award! It will be presented at our holiday get-together.

Enzo also finished in 5th place with Jenn due to their great toss and fetch finishes this year. That's impressive considering they don't do freestyle. Freestyle teams earn more points.

Tooney and I finished in 12th place!

Here's a couple pics from this year of my bestest buddy in the whole world. And yes, I love him so much, I bring myself to say "bestest". I can't help it:



AussomeDogs said...

That is really awesome!!! Congrats Jeff!!! (And Jenn - as we know who the real dog trainer is ;)

m said...

LOL 'bestest'...ha ha