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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

USDDN Qualifer

This weekend was the USDDN West Coast Qualifier in San Diego. It's supposed to be part of Wags for Wishes, a big charity event for Make A Wish but they had the frisbee at a separate location for the past two years and they do NADAC instead of AKC agility so we just go to the frisbee.

Saturday was the freestyle day with the Super Open divsion so two rounds of freestyle, and one round of T&F. Jeff and Enzo had a pretty solid first round for freestyle but definitely not the best they've had. Tooney also has a good first round with a couple of landings that we didn't really like. Of course she doesn't really catch that much air so it's not that scary. Here's the first round videos: (YouTube is squishing up my videos a little not sure why yet)

Then they did Toss and Fetch. Enzo had a pretty bad round. He started out kind of confused and just started running out instead of going around. I think that kind of threw things off for the rest of the round. Enzo ended up only catching 2 discs for 7 points. Tooney had a pretty decent round with 12.5 points but that's not really great for her either.

Going into the second round a freestyle, Jeff and Enzo were in 8th place which was actually a lot better position than we thought they'd be in. They really rocked their routine and moved up to 3rd place! Tooney's second freestyle routine was also better than her first. No icky landings this time. Here's the second round videos:

Sunday was the Toss and Fetch day for the Super Pro division qualifier. Jeff played with both dogs in Super Pro and I played with both in the Pro division. Enzo did really well with both of us. His first round with Jeff he scored 19.5 points! Tooney also did really well in her first rounds with us. Her second round with me, she started out good then I threw a couple bad throws and she started walking back on her returns. It was pretty hot and she looked really hot so I stopped our round early. Enzo's second round was not quite as good as the first but still really good. I think he caught 4. Then Tooney's round with Jeff, she was doing pretty good but then she pooped on the field. She has never done that in all her years of competition. ever. So that ruined her chances of placing in the top 5. It might be possible that she made it as a alternate but they didn't announce those positions. It just occured to me now that maybe since she had her anal surgery she might not have as good control as she did before. We'll have to be more careful about that in the future.

Oh and some good pictures that a photographer took:

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