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Thursday, October 23, 2008

USDDN Finals

We're back and mostly recovered from our trip to Atlanta for the US Disc Dog National/International Finals. It was a long drive out but luckily the trip both ways was pretty uneventful.

Friday was a qualifier but since Enzo and Tooney were already qualified, they played for practice. Jeff and Enzo competed in Super Open. Their first freestyle routine on Friday was awesome with only 3 or 4 drops. Tooney had two awesome rounds of Toss and Fetch and tied for 5th on Friday in the Super Pro Division.

Saturday was the National finals for Super Open and they had to place in the top 15 to compete on Sunday for the International Finals. There were two rounds of freestyle and one round of Toss and Fetch. It was windy but Jeff handled the wind really well and Jeff and Enzo ended up placing 9th in the National finals for Super Open on Saturday so they made it into the International finals on Sunday! On Saturday Jeff and Enzo had better freestyle routines but a more average Toss &Fetch. On Sunday their routines were solid but not quite as good as Saturday but they rocked Toss & Fetch with a perfect score of 22.5! That's the maximum score that you can get in that part of it. They ended up in 8th place in the International Finals which is quite awesome considering that we didn't even know if they would make the cut for Sunday!

Sunday started with the National Finals for the Super Pro Division which was two rounds of Toss and Fetch. Jeff and Tooney ended up scoring 23 points in their first round and 21 points in the seconds and ended up in 3rd place for the National Finals! Tooney was definitely the smallest dog competing in this division too! In the International Finals, Tooney had 21 points in the first round and 16.5 in the second round and ended up in 7th place.

Here's some great shots taken by my friend Kat Fahle!

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