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Monday, September 15, 2008

First Post

I decided to try this blogging stuff out. I'll probably post about our competition results and training challenges. I compete in AKC and USDAA agility with Tooney and Enzo and my husband competes in Disc with them. Sydney our oldest still comes out for some Toss and Fetch even though he can't see that well anymore.

We are going to go to the USDDN Championships in Atlanta in October. Enzo is qualified for Freestyle and Tooney is qualified in Toss and Fetch.

At the end of October we will be going to Cynosport for USDAA Nationals. Both Enzo and Tooney are qualified for Performance National Standard, Performance Speed Jumping, and Performance Versatility Pairs jumping 16".

Until then we have a bunch of local AKC trials for agility and a few UFO local competitions for disc. Enzo just got his AX this past weekend. I figure I have a small outside chance to get him qualified for AKC nationals next year. I know getting 6 double Q's in 3 months is a longshot but it can't hurt to try and he is running pretty consistently lately and isn't even 2.5 yet. Tooney is qualified already. Jeff says that he will drive with me to North Carolina if they are both qualified.


Michelle said...

F-U-E-G-O !!!
Awesome Blog Jenn...don't forget to embed youtube videos, add a virtual tip jar, and have a page totally dedicated to links to other dog blogs...oh boy...oh, so cool! -Michelle

AussomeDogs said...

Only if his boy qualifies for Nationals will he go? lol Jeff is funny. I wish I would have entered more AKC trials to try to Q Trin for Nationals knowing it's within a good driving distance. Oh well, I'll probably come watch anyway. :o)

AgileAussies said...

LOL, it's not really like that, well maybe a little. Mostly it's because if I only take Tooney I could fly with her but Enzo wouldn't be able to handle flying in cargo.